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Well kids, this is it. I am hiking in 08!! I have dreamed about this for a long, long time and it looks like it will finally be a reality very soon. The wait until March will be excruciating, but I also need that time for planning, saving and other preparations. I plan to journal(blog) during my trip, and hopefully update frequently. I have never kept a journal before, so it should be interesting. I plan on either carrying an email device which will allow me to update in almost real time, or I will be sending the entries to my mom who would painstakingly type them up. (God bless her for volunteering!) Either way I am happy to have this blog so everyone can keep track of my adventures. Photos and video will be posted here too, however I’ve yet to figure out a way to even unload my memory cards on the trail, much less post them on the internet. Chances are the photos will be dumped onto the site all at once, or possible at intervals when I mail memory cards home.

For the past few months since I decided to hike I have been collecting email addresses from friends and colleagues everywhere, so I can send them here. I am not taking a hiking partner, so it will be a big boost to know that dozens of you are following along with me on this site. I imagine there will be friends, family, and even classrooms following along. I really like the comments feature, because believe it or not there is internet at a few places along the trail. I plan on looking up what y’all have to say! Anyways thanks in advance for the support from all of you that I know is there – I’m going to need every ounce of it come March!