Powder River’s Appalachian Trail Journey from Georgia to Maine 2008



I leave at any moment now for the AT. I am sitting on a curb with my backpack and all my other stuff waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up. I will be on the trail by Monday. She is a former thru-hiker so we are very blessed by that. I just said goodbye to my last tour group for a while, and what a wonderful bunch of kids. (Yeah bus 4!) From where I sit I can see several hundred cherry blossom trees in full bloom, but few tourists. Washington Channel is calm as a pond today, but there are few boats out. Downtown D.C. is a zoo today with all the people and their baby strollers. They use them like battering rams to charge their way through the crowds, with the kids inside wide-eyed with fear. Thankfully, I have found a quiet spot away from downtown.

There have been baseball fans arriving for the Nationals game that starts in an hour at the brand-new stadium. We are going to check that out before heading for Atlanta. It is weird having some time to sit and reflect on what I am about to embark upon. I was staring at my pack earlier and wondering if we are going to get along. It might be a long trip to Maine if we can’t.




  Tyler From Bus 4 wrote @

Hey Jeff Just wanted to say thanks for your information and wonderful experience. I will be thinking about you and will keep in touch! Good Luck!

  LoLo wrote @

thankfully, i think packs like whoever they go home w/ yeah, well good luck! heres to you and your pack getting along!

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