Powder River’s Appalachian Trail Journey from Georgia to Maine 2008

PA Rocks!


Day 109

Location: Lehigh Gap, PA

Miles hiked today: 17.7

Miles from Springer: 1,245.6

Miles from Katahdin: 930.6

Elevation 380′

Apparently, yesterday’s rocks were only the beginning, as they are getting steadily bolder and more numerous. Supposedly, they get worse and worse until Delaware Water Gap, at the NJ border.

There was a water spigot this morning at a restaurant, which of course means I was greatly tempted to get more than water there. It was a good thing because the only thing I was carrying for food was another instant potato, which is what I had thrown up last night. The quesadilla was excellent!

As I got closer to Lehigh Gap, the trail started to get more beautiful. There were several places with grass instead of trees, and even a few places with dirt instead of rocks. After a very tricky section called Bake Oven Knob, which was basically a pile of boulders, I was rewarded with some very beautiful sections of forest and views off the mountain. Looking down, I discovered that I was walking through an entire field of huckleberries. Berry picking has been one of my favorite activities in the past weeks, and I have become quite prolific at it. Red rasberries are my favorite, followed closely by huckleberries. Huckleberries taste just like blueberries, but are very small and can be tedious to pick in great quantity. I did not let that stop me, and proceeded to start pickin’. I was little aware of the magnitude of this undertaking, as I later discovered that the huckleberry bushes covered the next six miles. Did I mention how much this state rocks?!

I was really pleased by the town of Palmerton, where I stayed. I was picked up on the road by a member of the city council, who was really nice and drove me right to the city hall, where they have a hostel in the basement. The building used to be the police station, so the basement is jokingly called the jail. As we were driving into town, the council member flagged down a cop, and chummed it up, saying he’s got a hiker in the backseat but no handcuffs, and would he (the cop) have time to process me? The “jail” is an awesome place, and this town has everything a hiker could need or want nearby. I’ll zero here tomorrow, which should be real nice.



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