Powder River’s Appalachian Trail Journey from Georgia to Maine 2008

Delaware Water Gap

Day 112

Location: Delaware Water Gap, PA

Miles hiked today: 15.6

Miles from Springer: 1,281.6

Miles to Katahdin: 894.6

Elevation: 400′

My phone has died again, which is beginning to become an annoyance. I use it to type these journal entries, paired with a portable keyboard. When I am out of batteries or it is broken, it is easy to fall far behind. There is an AT&T store in the shopping center we were camping in, which seems a perfect solution. I left the store not with a new phone, but with a growing idea that I should cancel my account altogether and send my phone home. I do not think the Appalachian Trail was meant to be hiked with a cell phone. However, up until lately it has not bothered me too much to be carrying one. I view it merely as another tool in my backpack – a means to write this journal efficiently or to avoid needing to spend extra time during the town stops searching out a computer for use of email. But recently I have felt too connected to the outside world, too easily distracted from the hike and the unique atmosphere of trail life. Within a mile hike today, I had resolved to send it home.

After a nice ala-a-carte breakfast (Dunkin Donuts, coffee, and McDonalds sausage and egg biscuit) and some more dallying around town, we finally made it to the trail around noon. It is amazing how these towns can suck you in. Of course, we stopped for another neon cherry limeade slurpie before hitting the trail. As it was the last section of Pennsylvania, the rocks were at their worst and most continuous yet, and it was a pretty tough day.

Delaware Water Gap is much anticipated bacause it is kind of like the light at the end of the Pennsylvania tunnel. PA has been awesome despite the rocks, but it is also one of the longest states – 230 miles of trail. New England is getting so close I can almost taste it, and there are only four very small states (trail-wise) before we are in Vermont. Mt. Washington will be here before I know it, and Delaware Water Gap definitely has that jumping off point feel to it.

One of the best hostels on the trail is in DWG; The Church of the Mountain. It is one of the oldest hostels on the trail, having put up hikers for over thirty years. Pastor Karen is extremely friendly and we all felt very welcome there. The town has an unbelievable bakery, which offers a hot dog and a slice of pie for a dollar and fifty cents. Overall, it was a wonderful place, and there was even a movie on the lawn behind the outfitters, projected on some white sheets hung from the trees. Not a bad exit, PA!



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