Powder River’s Appalachian Trail Journey from Georgia to Maine 2008

Gear List

Appalachian Trail 2008 Thru-hike Gear List

Maybe for some of you this is Too Much Information, but for all the hikers out there who are curious about the kit, here it is. The numbers are the weight of the item in ounces. Question marks mean that I haven’t bought that item yet. I was really shooting for a 15 lb pack weight before food or water, but will realistically be more like 19. Still, not bad.

Items Worn and Carried

Hiking Poles: Leki Cor-tec Super Makalu AS 21.2
Shirt: Outdoor Research Men’s Sequence Tee 5.6
Socks: Smartwool Medium Cushion 3.15
Shoes: Merrell Overdrive XRC 27.75
Gaiters: REI Mistral Gaiters 3.05
Sunglasses: Smith District II 0.7
Cap: Baseball cap 3.4
Subtotal 67.1 ounces

Other Clothing

Base Layer: Patagonia Wool 2 Crew 6
Insulation: Patagonia Capilene 3 Zip 8.35
Windshirt: Marmot Original Driclime Windshirt 10
Shell: Golite Phantom 13.6
Insulation Pants: REI Lightweight Long Underwear 6.75
Rain Pants: Golite Reed Pant 6
Gloves: Manzella Power Stretch 1.55
Extra Socks: Smartwool Medium Cushion x2 6.3
Subtotal 58.55 ounces

Sleeping & Shelter

Shelter: Tarptent Contrail 24.5
Sleeping Bag: Western Mountaineering UL Super 26
Sleeping Pad: Thermarest Ridgerest Small 9
Subtotal 59.5 ounces


Pack: Osprey Atmos 50 49
Pack Cover: Osprey UL Raincover 4.25
Stuff Sacks
Subtotal 53.25 ounces

Cooking and Hydration

Stove: MSR Pocket Rocket 3.9
Pot: Evernew Ti 1.3L 6
Fuel: MSR Iso Pro 8
Water Bottle: Platy Bottle 1L x2 1.6
Water Carrier: Platypus Water Tank 4L 2.6
Water Purifier: MSR Miniworks 16.75
Matches 1
Lighter 0.8
Subtotal 40.65 ounces

Other Essentials

Camera: Canon G9 11.4
Camera Batteries: Canon NB-2LH (x2) 3.01
Battery Charger: Canon CB-2LW 2.6
Camera Case: Lowepro Apex 30 AW 3.25
Memory Cards: Sandisk Ultra II 2 GB SD (x5) 0.25
Mini Tripod: Ultrapod I 1.75
Mp3 player: Ipod Nano 8gb + headphones 2.35
Headlamp: Petzl e+lite 1.6
Knife: Gerber Mini Paraframe 1.25
Tool: Leatherman Squirt S4 1.85
Bible: Tyndale NLT 10.85
Book: Any 10
Writing Kit: Pens, envelopes, stamps, journal paper 2
Smartphone: Cingular 2125 3.9
Keyboard: iGo Stowaway Ultraslim Keyboard 6.65
Charger: Cingular USB Charger 3.35
Compass: Brunton Eclipse 1.6
Maps: Various 3
AT Databook: 2008 Databook 3.75
Can Opener: P38 can opener 0.15
First Aid: Duct tape, Ibuprofin, blister kit, antibacterial 5
Hygiene: Tooth Brush, Paste, TP, Dr. Bronner’s, clippers 2
Camp Shoes: Crocs Cayman 11.55

Subtotal 93.11 ounces

Weight Summaries
Total Weight of Worn or Carried Items 4.19 lbs
Total Weight of Pack and Contents 19.07 lbs


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  Rachel from Bus 4! wrote @

Wow Mr. Jeff! That seems like a hhhh lot. Good job, and I hope u have fun!

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