Powder River’s Appalachian Trail Journey from Georgia to Maine 2008


I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it? It is still strange to me that I have finished, and life is resuming as normal (but not quite). I am back in D.C. now, working in fact. I am catching up on all of my journal entries, as I have many to write going all the way back to Vermont. I’ll post them in order, and eventually get around to this exciting day, September 26 and the end of my journey. Please keep checking back at this site until you see all the entries, as I have many stories to share from New Hampshire and Maine!



  Extra wrote @

Congrats Powder! You rule dude! When you get back to DC, you should email me or give me a call @ 301-345-0004 and we should catch up on our hikes. I summited 9/19 btw. and it was incredible

  Anonymous wrote @

Congratulations, Jeff. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  Roots wrote @

YOU GO, POWDER!!!! YIPPIE….HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Great pic! You have to be proud of yourself for such an accomplishment. One day I’ll see that sign too. I’m very happy for you!!

  Mom wrote @

Hey there kiddo – What a fantastic accomplishment!! Dad and I are so very proud of you. As we were driving back from Boston, it really struck us how very far you had actually walked!! Having you and Shane together for the weekend, sharing your adventure, and actually getting you 3 off the mountain Friday – words cannot express!!!! Especially after looking at the pictures!!! What an amazing adventure for you. I am sure it is something Dad and Shane will always remember too!! Don’t forget – there won’t be many people in your groups who can hike as fast as you so slow down for the chaperones!!! Love ya bunches – Mom

  Tom Racette wrote @

Jeff-Congratulations and welcome back to the real world! What great discipline and perseverance to do what you did. Your grandkids will some day be inspired by your sory and pictures as we are now. Way to go!

  Lindsay wrote @

Wow! you probably don’t remember me at all, in fact I know you don’t, but I met you back in February on the trail at Blood mountain–you had practically just begun!! Congrats!! What an extreme accomplishment!!

  tiptoe wrote @

Congrats on your achievement, Powder River. Not that there was any doubt on my mind. Hope your reentry into the “real” world is a smooth one.

  Virgil Kinnaird wrote @

Good show. Your feat is impressive. I have been on short portions of the AT in Virginia years ago. Your folks have been kind of keeping me filled in on you and your doings. The photos are good to see.
Take care and good going. Are you going to try a second trip, Southbound?

  Will wrote @

Hi, Mr.Jeff how are you enjoying your book I got you. I was at People to People. You taught me alot and I had alot of fun. That was a great experience for me. I thought it was going to be hard to not be homesick in D.C. , but it was harder to leave.

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